Legal Protection

Apart from AU and NZ the only other spot on planet We run full scale Protection scheme is at Atlantis Common in USA

Image is of proposed setup of Our Flagship Unit - Warrior that will be deploy in near future and Prince God is considered to be an prototype of. Both are advanced robots coded DCA 275 that is major update on previous USP 271. Of course will add insignia, loaded equipment belt and peaked cap but identity is very important to GFPA since it is central to corporate culture where ALL staff are proud to be part of such forward focus company who is determined to play pioneer regardless of cost or appearance.

Actually being involved in Security Industry from soon after being established as way of protecting our major assets that at time, late 1970's, was single factory in western Sydney which was going to expand rapidly and quickly to current 26 giant buildings known as Battalion North or Pacific Production and provides the template for other 2 sites in the world namely Europe and America.

Offically it starts in 1980 with setup of high end elite army like unit called Security Police Force (SPF) that will became National Police Commission (NPC) then Territorial Protection Services (TPS) which continues to be used in Europe and America, not Oceania as would introduce more mainstream local issue group known as Community Enforcement Force (CEF) then Social Regulation Force (SRF) and recently Inspection Commission (IC).

man in futurtic armour
man in futurtic armour